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Below is a list of software available on classroom computers. (All locations).

Windows 7 Software

Software name Software usage
R V2.122 & 2.142 statistical computing
7-zip compression software
Adobe Acrobat ProX PDF reader/creator
Adobe Bridge CS6 Media Manager
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Web Design
Adobe Fireworks CS6 Screen graphics
Adobe Flash CS6 adds annimation and video to webpages
Adobe Illustrator CS6 graphic design
Adobe Indesign CS6 print and digital publishing
Adobe Photoshop CS6 pictures
Adobe Reader PDF reader
Amortrix amortization tables
Amos 19 Math application comes with SPSS
Animal Waste Management V2.4 impacts of animal waste
Aquachem V4.0 water project management
Arcgis 10.1- ArcCatalog deo database
Arcgis 10.1- ArcGlobe 3d modeling of landscapes
Arcgis 10.1-ArcMap geospatial data, and map creation
Arcgis 10.1-ArcReader used in PIES analysis
Archhydro tools(arcswat too) addin to ARCGIS
Arcview(Esri32) analyzing geographic data
Arena event simulation software
Arlequin population genetics data analysis
ArtiosCad (Only available in PAC Lab) packing desgning software
Artstor online art library
Asian Language Pack addin to MS office
Audacity recording and editing sounds
AutoDesk 2014 -Navisworks Manage tools for 3d coordination
AutoDesk 2014 -Revit 2012 buidling design
AutoDesk 2014-AutoCad autocad program design
AutoDesk 2014-Design Review management tools for design review
AutoDesk 2014-Sketchbook Designer industrial design & illustratrator
AutoDesk- 3D studio Max 2014 modeling, animation and rendering packages
Basins 4.0 watershed program
Caml programming language app
Camtasia 8 video and audio recording
Cape v2.11 (PAC lab) pallet and packaging designing
CBord food management
Chrome internet browser
Clan data analysis
Clea-All in one for all apps photometry and counting statistics
CleA-Jupiter photometry and counting statistics
Console-Staden App assembly program
CrimeStat V3.0 analysis of crime statistics
Crystal Ball v11 predictive modeling
Cygin-Xfree86 provides a UNIOX like API
DairyComp V3.5 herd modeling
DMDX/TimeDX measures reaction times: visual/auditory
DNAsp analysis of DNA
Doceri Desktop interactive whiteboard
D-Profiler (HE Lab) 3d modeling
DS9 astronomical imaging and data visualization
Dyned V 2.7 english as a second language
EasyGPS GPS software
Endnote V X6 creating bibliographies
Epistat statistical analysis
Eprime V5 phychology research
Farmworks V12 farm management
Figtree graphical viewer of phylogenetic trees
Focus on Grammer level 2/5 english as a second language
FVSStand-Forestry forest vegetation simulator
Gap 4- Staden App DNA sequence analysis
Gabi PAC labs) life cycle costs and spending
Genup V5.5 quantatative genetic concepts
Geometers Sketchpad mathematics visualization software
Ggt V2.0 graphical genotypes
Ghostscript rendering postscript docs
GNE8 network editor
GPS-Babel GPS software
Goldvarb V2001 analysis and data manipulations
Google earth satalite imagery
Gs View GUI for ghostscipt
GVIM editor
GyroTools used for MRI data
HEC-HMS water modeling
HLM V7 (student edition) data modeling
IBM WBI workbench process modeling
IBM-Cognos Business Intelligence/Financial Performance Mgt
IBM-LogicNet supply chain optimazation
Internet Explorer w/mathplayer internet browser
Itunes music
Jaws V14 screen reader
Joinmap V4.0 linkage mapping
Kompozer HTML editor
Kurzwiel V11 text-to-speech
LandFX V2012 landscape design
Landis-ii (NR218 only) simulates forestry succession
Lisrel Student Ed. V8.7 equation models
Lon-Capa URL link
Magnifier screen magnifier
Manure Mgt Planner manure mgt for crops and feedings
Mapchart V2.1 genetic linkage maps
MapQtl V6 mapping of quantatative trails of species
Mathematica V8 computations
MathViewer 8 allows access to view mathematica 7 files
Matlab 2012a algorithm development
Mega V5 phylogenetic research
Mesquite anallyza comparative data
Minitab15 statistical and process management
Mozilla Firefox (V21) browser for the internet
Mr Bayes inference of phylogeny
mozilla Firefox (V21) database
MS-Excel 2013 spreadsheets
MS-Outlook 2013 mail/calender
Ms-Paint simple graphics painting
MS-Powerpoint 2013 slideshow presentations
MS-PPViewer 97 allows access to view powerpoint 2007 files
MS-Project (HE 105, HE 105, and BCC N12 only) project management
MS-Publisher 2013 newsletters and brochure publications
MS-Visio (BCC N12 Only) diagram creation
MS-Word 2013 word processor
Narrator reads dialog boxes
Netlogo modeling environment
Noneuclid hyperbolic geometry
Notepad ++ text writer
On Center Takeoff (HE Lab) plan viewing and estimating
On Center-Quick Bid (HE Lab) construction estimating
OnScreen Keyboard allows viewing the keyboard on the screen
Pathogen examining relationships in time frequency
PCDart dairy management
Pedigree Viewer V6.4d pedigree structure
Photo Story 3(used in camps) creating digital photo albums
Phreecq for Windows aqueous geachemistry
Phreeqc 2.8 aqueous geachemistry
Phyml estimate large phylogenes
Planbee project mgt
PowerDVD DX dvd player/recorder
Praat V5.1 acoustic analysis
Pregap4- Staden Apps DNA sequence analysis
PWStudio pattern drafting
Python V 2.7 programming language app
QRS II V.8 trip planning
QTX analyzes experimental genetic crosses
Quick Silver graphics shell utility
Quick Time video capture
RealPlayer free video player
RSW resource slection
Rusle2 predicts long term erosion
Sap business mgt
SAS9.3 business analytics
ScoreCard tracking and mgt of performance metrics
SecondLife 3d modeling, used for nursing
Silverlight V5 browser plugin
Skype online video conferencing
Soil Mechanics soil test and analysis
Solid Works -PAC lab easy-to-use 3D software
Sortie- Forestry forest vegetation simulator
Spartan Dairy 3 ration evaluator/balancing
Spin- Staden Apps DNA sequence analysis
SPSS 22 data mining
Stata12SE integrated statistics
Statmost32 statistical analysis and graphics
Stella v8.1 & V9 modeling and statistics
Store Visualizer -PAC lab view/ test your packaging design on a 3D shelf
Structure2.2 genotype data
Studio/Deskpack -PAC lab tools for Illustrator and Photoshop
Suppose-Forestry forest vegetation simulator
Systat 12.2 statistical analysis
Timberline (HE Image) construction estimating/accounting
TN3270/Hummingbird Hummingbird Host Explorer is an open text connectivity solution for mainframe access.
Toss-Forestry forest vegetation simulator
Trees compose structure
Treeview tree draw
Trev-Staden Apps DNA sequence analysis
Triplot 4.1 ternary diagram plotting
Ulead Photo Impact graphics viewer
VLC media player
Wavesufer 153WIN sound waves
Windows MediaPlayer free media player
Windows Movie Maker movie maker
Winflow/Tran flowcharting
Winplot plotting utility
Winqtlcart graphic tool for presenting maps
Winsalt language app
Winscp text mode program
WinstatXP statistical tests and calculations
WinSVS-Forestry stand visualzation system
WinTR-55 analysis of hydrology
Wsftp graphics viewer
Xemacs text editor
Xming enables you to obtain a server port
XP3 PKG (interactive Edge) data analysis/flexible tools in powerpoint
Zoomtext (update SS13) screen reader

MacOS Software

Software Version Software Usage
Adobe Acrobat Pro X PDF reader/creator
Adobe Bridge CS 5.1 media manager
Adobe Device Central CS 5.5 mobile media development
Adobe Dreamweaer CS 5.5 web design
Adobe Extension Manager CS 5.5 manage extensions for adobe applications
Adobe Fireworks CS 5 screen graphics
Adobe Flash CS 5.5 adds animation and video to web pages
Adobe Illustrator CS 5.1 graphic design
Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 print and digital publishing
Adobe Media Encoder CS 5.5 encode audio/video for distribution
Adobe Media Player 1.8 media player
Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 photo editing/graphic design
Adobe Reader 10.1 PDF reader
Aquamacs Emacs 1.1 text editor
Audacity 1.3.13 audio editor
Bean 2.4.4 text editor
BibDesk 1.5.4 citations
Burn 2.2 CD burning application
Calculator 10.7 calculate numbers
Camino 2.0.7 web browser
Comic Life 1.5.5 comic book creator
Cyberduck 4.2.1 FTP and SFTP application
Doceri Desktop 1.2.12 remote screen control
Dropbox 1.1 internet based file backup
DVD Player 5.5 DVD player
Emacs 23.3 text editor
Evernote 3.0.1 internet based notes
FaceTime 1.1.1 video calling
Fetch 5.6 FTP
Firefox 9.0.1 web browser
Firefox 3.6.8 web browser
Flip4Mac WMV Player video player
Google Chrome 17 web browser
Graphviz 2.28 graph drawing
iCal 5.0.1 calendar
iChat 6.0.1 instant messaging
Image Capture 6.1 import pictures from devices
iTunes 10.5.3 medi player
Jing 2.5 screen capture/recording
KompoZer 0.8b3 web design
Laban Writer 4.7 Labanotation
LibreOffice 3.4.4 word processing and spreadsheet suite
Mail 5.1 email
Mathematica 8.0.4 computations
Microsoft Entourage 2008 email
Microsoft Excel 2008 spreadsheets
Microsoft Messenger 6.0.3 instant messaging
Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 slide presentations
Microsoft Silverlight web browser plugin
Microsoft Word 2008 word processor
Netscape Navigator 9.0RC1 web browser
Ocaml programming
Opera 11.61 web browser
Photo Booth 4.0.1 photo capture
Plotnik 10.1 plots vowel structure into graphs
Praat 5.2.35 acoustic analysis
Preview 5.5.1 PDF/picture viewer
QuickTime Player 10.1 media player
R 2.14.1 statistical computing
R64 2.14.1 statistical computing
Safari 5.1.2 web browser
Seamonkey 2.3.1 web browser
SketchBookExpress 5.2.2 drawing
Skim 1.3.17 project web page
Skype 5.3 video calling
Stickies 8 notes
Stuffit Expander 15 compression/decompression
TeXShop 3.04 editor
TextEdit 1.7 text editor
TextWrangler 3.5.3 text editor
VLC 1.1.12 media player

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