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This document will help you to configure your Windows Mail (built-in Windows Vista e-mail client) to work with the E-mail system.

Step 1: Create your Account (Part 1)

Start Windows Mail. On the "Tools" menu, click "Accounts."

Tools -> Accounts

Step 2: Create your Account (Part 2)

In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click "Add".

Add Account

Step 3: Account Type

Click "E-mail Account" to create an e-mail account. Then Click "Next".

Account Type

Step 4: Display Name

In the "Display Name" box, type the name that you want others to see when you send a message, and then click "Next."

Display Name

Step 5: E-mail Address

In the "E-mail Address" box, type the E-mail address for the account that you are using (for example, ""), and then click "Next."

E-Mail Address

Step 6: Server Names

Under "Setup e-mail servers" select IMAP as the incoming e-mail server type, enter for BOTH your incoming and outgoing E-mail servers. Check the box for "Outgoing server requires authentication" and then click "Next."


Step 7: User Credentials

Enter your MSU NetID in the "E-mail username:" text field. Enter your password in the "Password:" text field. You may check next to "Remember password" if you want Windows Mail to remember your password. Click "Next."

Login Information

Step 8: Almost Complete

Make sure "Do not download my e-mail at this time" is checked then click "Finish."


Step 9: Configuring the Account Settings

To configure your E-mail, select the mail account and click on the "Properties" button on the right.

Internet Accounts

Step 10: Advanced Configuration

  • Click on the "Advanced" tab on the top and check the boxes for outgoing and incoming mail labeled "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)".
  • Make sure that you change the "Outgoing Mail (SMTP)" number to 587, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Note: If 587 doesn't work, try port 465.

  • Click "OK" and you should be able to send and receive mail.
smtp port

Step 11: Download Folders

Click "Yes" to download your folders and e-mail.

Add Servers

Manufacturer Technical Support

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