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Michigan State University's IT Services offers a statistical computing consulting service. This service is free to the university community. We can help you select and locate statistical software for your research. In addition, we can assist finding manuals or related reference materials. We offer instruction on learning to use statistical and mathematical software through the SpartansLearn program. Our service provides consulting assistance throughout your research project from data collection and management to interpreting your results.

If you would like to discuss your research project or are having problems with your data analysis please contact If you have any additional questions or have not had a response to your email you can contact IT Services Support at (517)432-6200 to be transferred to Statistical Consulting.

Statistical and Mathematical Software

MSU's instructional computing system includes numerous Computer Classrooms. These classrooms are open to all MSU students, staff, and faculty. To find out more about the software, hardware, hours, and locations visit the MSU Instructional Computing Facilities web site.

Mathematical and Statistical Software Company Web Sites

Site License Software offered though the MSU Comptuer Store

Site license software that is available from the MSU Computer Store is available here.

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