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MSUnet offers Guest access to guests at MSU. These instructions will show you how to get connected to the Guest SSID and also explains what services you will be able to use while connected.

Note: Macs running MacOS 10.7.0 may have issues with guest access. Upgrading to the current MacOS and/or using Firefox as the web browser should allow guest access to work.

Step 1: Connect to the Guest SSID

Users without an MSU NetID can connect to the MSUnet system as a guest. Select the SSID MSUnet Guest and login as instructed below.

For information on how to connect to a SSID, please refer to the documentation for connecting to the standard MSUnet service. This can be found here.

Step 2: MSUnet Guest Access login

Once you have configured your network settings to connect to the MSUnet Guest SSID, you will then need to agree to abide by the MSU Statement of Acceptable Use in order to access the MSUnet Guest network. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Browse to If your browser displays the requested webpage then you are already connected. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the MSU Guest Access page.
  3. If prompted, accept the certificate "for this session only"
    • Note: different browsers display the certificate uniquely.
  4. Read through the Agreement, and then click the I Agree button. You will be redirected to your home page in 10 seconds.

Troubleshooting guest wireless connections

  • Switch the SSID - from Guest to MSUNet Wireless - and back.
  • Attempt to open a non-secure web page - be sure the homepage set in your browser settings is not a secure web address (https:) on older Guest deployments
  • Switch browser software (ie: sometimes MacOS 10.X will not work initially with Safari; using Firefox to initiate the connection may resolve the issue.)
  • Be sure your network settings are not retained from your office or home. (DHCP enabled - obtain an IP address automatically).
  • Switch your wireless card off and on
  • Temporarily disable your ethernet (wired) card.
  • Change the order of your preferred networks.
  • Flush DNS

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