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MSU publishes contact information online (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address) for people and groups affiliated with MSU who are assigned an MSU NetID. Each Fall, MSU also distributes a printed Faculty, Staff, and Retirees Directory (as of Fall 2004, MSU no longer prints a student directory.)

Personal contact and business contact information are both published by default.

The main online directory is the People Search from the MSU home page which includes current students, faculty, and staff. A search result lists name, campus and home phone number, campus and home mailing address, email address, and student major and class level or faculty/staff department and job title information, unless this information is restricted. While business contact information cannot be restricted under normal circumstances, personal information may be restricted as preferred.

This document provides instructions to students or alumni on updating and/or restricting the display of all or part of their directory information. Faculty, staff and retirees should refer to the pertinent article (see Related Documents below).

Updating Your Directory Information (current students)

Current and future students may update their directory information (name, telephone number, paper address) through the Office of the Registrar. This can also be done online through the Change of Address Request Form.

If your name has been legally changed (e.g. due to marriage or divorce) you will need to show a government-issued ID (driver license, Social Security card, passport, etc.) with the new name at the Office of the Registrar, 150 Administration Building.

Changes will be reflected in the online People directory within approximately 24 hours after the Office of the Registrar processes the form.

Note: Students cannot change the email address that is listed, only restrict it. The email address that will be list is the students MSU email address ending in

Setting or Updating a Preferred Name

The university recognizes that many of its students use names other than their legal names to identify themselves and allows you to do this by establishing a preferred name. Please visit the information provided by the Registrar at the link below for information on setting or changing your preferred name.

MSU Office of the Registrar: Preferred Names

Updating Your Directory Information (alumni)

The MSU Alumni Association maintains a database of alumni who wish to publish contact information on the Web. Alumni may submit a new entry or update their existing entry by filling in the form available on the MSU Alumni Association webpage.

Restricting Your Directory Listing

Students may wish to restrict all or part of the directory information from release to any third party. Any such restrictions will affect the People Search function from the MSU home page and other online directory searches at MSU.

MSU's procedures conform to the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). To submit the form requesting restriction of directory information in person, students should go to the Registrar's Office, 150 Hannah Administration Building. You will need to show official photographic identification. A printable copy of the form can be found at here (Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview required). Currently enrolled MSU students can also update directory restrictions online. Changes made before 8:00 PM will be reflected the next day. Those made after 8:00 PM will be reflected in two days.

Removing your Personal Website URL from the Directory

Your directory search results include your personal AFS-based website URL (ie: when a valid index.htm file exists in your AFS web folder.

To delete the listing:

  1. Log in to into netfiles at
  2. Navigate to your web folder.
  3. Rename or delete the index.html file as preferred.

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