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Copyright Compliance and MSU Network Access - TB1745

It is a serious violation of MSU's Statement of Acceptable Use AND federal law (Digital Media Copyright Act aka DMCA) to share copyrighted files from your computer or other device attached to the network. If Michigan State University receives a complaint that you have been sharing copyrighted files from your computer system you will likely lose access to the internet (possibly for an extended period of time) and may face additional disciplinary actions.

If MSU receives a complaint that someone using its network is in violation of the DMCA (generally by sharing files on a computer or other device that is connected to the MSU Network) we are required by federal law to contact the individual and ensure that all activity has been stopped. The complaining party sometimes chooses to file a lawsuit against the individual who was sharing their copyrighted material but in many instances it is simply requested that the offending material be removed from the network.

If MSU receives complaints about a specific individual's computer or device attached to the network, the individual will be charged a fee and may lose their network connection for an extended period of time. Additional complaints will result in increased fees, possible loss of MSU network access, and possible suspension from classes or the University.

Information on copyright issues for students and other network users of Michigan State University is available at

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