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MSUnet Configuration: Windows 7 - TB15533

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This document will help you set up wireless access to MSUnet on your on-campus PC running Windows 7, with a compatible wireless card installed. You must have Javascript enabled for MSUnet access. This is normally the default in most browsers.

Step 1: Selecting the MSUnet network

In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, left click the network icon and select MSUNet.

Step 2: Select A Location For The Network

When your computer connects to the network a screen may pop-up that asks you to designate a location for the network.

Make sure that you select Public Location

Step 3: Register Your Wireless Adapter on DHCP

When you open a browser window, a registration prompt displays if your computer has not been registered on DHCP for wireless.

Register your wireless adapter on the MSU network to begin accessing MSUnet. See TB14931 - Accessing the MSUnet Network for more information.

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