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MSU provides wireless internet access to members of the MSU community as well as to guests.

User with Macs that run OS 10.7.2 may have issues registering their computers at for wireless only. Please contact IT Services Support at 517-432-6200 for help.

Wireless Networks and Access

The MSUnet wireless network is comprised of the following broadcast networks (SSIDs):

  • MSUnet – MSUnet offers access to 802.11a/g/n for users who register their wireless adapter/device on DHCP.
  • MSUnet Guest – This network allows bandwidth limited access to 802.11a/g for those who are guests of the university.

    The Guest network provides bandwidth-limited access for affiliated guests. While these networks do not require DHCP registration of the wireless device, agreement to abide by the MSU Statement of Acceptable Use is required (see the Guest Access section).

A number following an SSID simply indicates the generation number of that network.

The 802.11b protocol is not compatible with MSUnet.

Guest Access

MSU affiliated guest users can connect to the MSUnet Guest # network and agree to MSU’s Statement of Acceptable Use to gain bandwidth limited network access. When you connect to MSUnet Guest, browse to a non-SSL site ( for example). Your browser will redirect you to a page that asks you to agree to MSU’s Statement of Acceptable Use and other terms of use. Once you have read and agree to the terms simply click the “I Agree” button.

Once you have agreed you will be forwarded to the site you were originally trying to visit.guest

Wireless IP Assignments

In addition, the IP address ranges used by MSUNet Networks have been reorganized to allow for easier deployment to firewalls and other systems. The new ranges are:

  • Registered Systems: 35.13.X.X
  • Unregistered Systems: 10.129.X.X
  • Guest Systems: 35.14.X.X

Troubleshooting connection issues

Certain wireless card issues and settings such as power management can cause unreliable and dropped wireless connections. The following general steps are highly recommended when troubleshooting dropped or unreliable wireless connections:

  1. Update the wireless card's driver software to the most current version.
  2. Change these Properties of your wireless card (Look at Properties for the card in the Device Manager):
    • Disable power saving features.
    • Look under the Advanced tab and select "Preferred Band". Set the value to "Prefer 5.2Ghz band.
  3. In the Properties for MSUnet 2.0 (or applicable SSID), under the Connections tab, check to select "Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID)".

In addition, refer to the following articles as applicable:

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