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Michigan State University provides centrally funded network-based AFS storage space to faculty, staff, and students as well as for course usage.

AFS is an acronym for "Andrew File System" which was developed at Carnegie Mellon University starting in 1984. The idea was to provide a campus-wide file system for home directories which would run effectively using a limited bandwidth campus backbone network.

The allocation of AFS space depends upon your affiliation with MSU. Each current MSU student, faculty, and staff member receives 1 gigabyte of AFS space. Registered Student Organizations, departmental units and Visiting Scholars will also be provided 1 gigabyte of AFS space.

We highly recommend the use of AFS to back-up important data files such as term papers or dissertations, and to remotely store files or set up web pages.

Accessing Your AFS Space

There are a variety of ways you can access your AFS space to upload and download files for general use as well as to create your web page. On-campus users can utilize the convenience of mounting their AFS space on their desktop, while users off-campus might prefer using an FTP client to connect to their AFS space. For information on accessing your AFS space, please click here.

Additional Space

Additional AFS space for affiliated users and departments can only be purchased through a departmental account. MSU departments can purchase additional AFS space with an MSU departmental account number (automatically billed each month) by filling out the Increase Request Form. If you are a faculty or staff member and need additional space for official university business, you should request that your department pay for the space with departmental funds. Additional AFS cannot otherwise be purchased for personal accounts (including student accounts).

Additional course AFS space can be added at no charge by request.

More Help with AFS

Additional help topics on AFS, including information on creating access groups, managing web access, and maintaining course groups, can be found at

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