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MSU Legacy Email ( 'You didn't mark a contact as your own yet' Error - TB14040

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Users occasionally experience the following error when attempting to send an e-mail message from

You didn't mark a contact as your own yet.

Resolving the error depends on whether or not the user intends to include her/his contact record (aka vcard) with the message.

How the error occurs and how to resolve it

A checkbox displays near the Send Message button at the bottom of a New Message edit window to include (if selected) contact information: "Attach your contact information?"

Users will occasionally click and select this checkbox unintentionally.

The error message indicates that the user has not yet created and designated their own contact (vcard) record.

To resolve the error:

  • Uncheck the checkbox if the selection is unintentional


  • Create and designate the required address book record
attach contact selected

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