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Listserv Basics (version 15.5) for List Owners - TB13169

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IT Services provides a central electronic mailing list service at

The user interface for L-Soft version 15.5, which underlies, is substantially different than in the previous version. Tasks and operations previously accessed by "buttons" on the mailing list management page are now accessed by way of drop-down menu items, links, and scripting from the menus.

In the new version links to all aspects of "List Management" are available only after logging in.

Another key difference to note is that with the new version, cookies must be enabled.

The sections below outline basic navigation for the most common tasks. More comprehensive documentation from L-Soft is available from the Welcome page.

Please note: owners with more than a one list will have a "Select List" drop-down menu available on many pages. Once a list is selected from the drop-down, the the selection is retained until changed or until you log out.

Welcome page

The Welcome page displays after logging in.

Welcome screen after login

List management drop-down

The List Management drop-down provides access to the various tasks involved in managing your lists.

List management dropdown

List Dashboard page

Click on on the List Management drop-down menu item and select "List Dashboard".

The dashboard page displays the your mailing lists which you can then work with in a variety of ways. The listings include easy links to the List Configuration Wizard and to the Subscriber Reports pages for each list.

Dashboard with lists dropped down

Adding and removing subscribers (managing subscribers)

Select Subscriber Management from the "List Management" drop-down for full access to subscriber management functions.

The Subscriber Management page includes tabs for both managing on a single-subscriber or bulk operations basis.

Please note: A listowner is NOT automatically subscribed to a list. An owner must expressly submit a subscription request, or a subscription must be entered for the owner just as for any other subscriber.

List management page

Changing the list configuration

List configuration, such as adding another owner, may be changed by using either the List Configuration Wizard or by selecting List Configuration Tasks from the List Management dropdown. The Wizard also displays if you select the corresponding "Configuration" link on the Dashboard page.

Common tasks include (may be done using either a Wizard, or Task):

  • Edit list description info
  • Add other Administrators
    • Owner
    • Configuration owner
    • Editor
    • Moderator
    • Error and Notify specifications
  • Change Digest settings
List Configuration Wizard screen

Creating or changing your password

First-time users must set a password by following the corresponding link on the log-in pages.

Existing users who wish to change their password can simply follow the link on the log-in page.

Note: Users should not use their MSU NetID password as their listserv password.

Additional resources and information

The Welcome page links to comprehensive LISTSERV documentation from L-Soft, including manuals and keyword references, among many others.

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