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Printing 11x17 Tabloid Formatted Documents in Computer Classrooms - TB13094

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This article provides general information on how to print an 11x17 formatted Tabloid document in a Computer Classroom.

Currently Tabloid size (11x17) printing is available in the following locations:

  • Main Library
  • 141 Akers Hall
  • Brody Engagement Center
  • 337 S. Case
  • 38 Union
  • C108 Wilson
  • 50 Law College
  • 106 Human Ecology
  • 121 Packaging
  • 309 Human Ecology (private)
  • DMAT Lab Communications Arts & Sciences

Tabloid printing is not currently accessible from other classroom computers or using a wireless connection.

Tabloid Print is available for single-sided Black & White and single-sided Color prints

Note: 2 E-tokens are required for each Black and White printed side. Color Tabloid Prints require 16 E-tokens per single-sided sheet.

How do I print in tabloid size?

Printing in tabloid size is a a specialty format used for some classes or projects. In general, select tabloid layout in the page setup dialog of whatever program you are printing from.

Consult the help pages for a a given software program for specific instructions on how to format and print tabloid pages.

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