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Printing 11x17 Tabloid Formatted Documents in Computer Classrooms - TB13094

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This article provides general information on how to print an 11x17 formatted Tabloid document to a color printer when logged in to a machine in a Computer Classroom. (Tabloid printing is not available using webprint).

Currently Tabloid size (11x17) printing is available on color printers in the locations listed below. Prints can be either black and white (grayscale) or color, and are subject to the appropriate charges).

  • Main Library
  • 141 Akers Hall
  • 143 Brody
  • 337 S. Case
  • 38 Union
  • Wilson West Lounge
  • 50 Law College
  • 106 Human Ecology
  • 121 Packaging
  • 309 Human Ecology (private)

Note: Black and white tabloid prints are $0.10 per printed side. Color prints are $0.80 per side.

How do I print in tabloid size?

Printing in tabloid size is a a specialty format used for some classes or projects. In general, select tabloid layout in the page setup dialog of whatever program you are printing from.

Consult the help pages for a a given software program for specific instructions on how to format and print tabloid pages.

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