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IT Services began to deploy the second generation of wireless service throughout campus beginning with the Computer Center, Summer semester 2008. This service is named MSUnet 2.0 and is an upgrade to the current MSUnet service.

The buildings included in the initial deployment had the original MSUnet service (if present) removed and replaced with MSUnet 2.0. Subsequent buildings upgraded may have both services.

MSUnet 2.0 offers a number of new enhancements over the current generation wireless service. MSUnet 2.0 will support all of the current wireless standards (802.11a/g) and add support for 802.11n. It will also support a greater number of users per access point.

802.11n offers a significant improvement in speed over current wireless standards. 802.11n can operate at either 140Mbps or 300Mbps depending on the wireless adapter and distance from the access point. Wireless adapters which support channel bonding can support a throughput up to 300Mbps; those without can support a throughput up to 140Mbps. Unlike previous 802.11 standards, 802.11n has the ability to run in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands. MSUnet Wireless 2.0 will support 802.11n in the 5GHz band only.

See TB14931 - Accessing the MSUnet Network for additional information on how to access MSUNet.

Building Locations and Installation Schedule

Buildings that have MSUnet Wireless 2.0 available are listed at

The list is periodically updated as additional installations proceed.

Problems with Intel 4965 Wireless Adapter

PC's (not Macs) may experience frequent disconnections with MSUnet 2.0 if they have an Intel 4965 Wireless Adapter. PCs with this adapter can be identified by looking in the Device Manager (instructions below) and then resolved by updating to the latest Intel driver. (Refer to TB10607, "Intel Wireless Driver Installation" for instructions.)

Finding the Device Manager and Adapter

Step 1:

  • Go to the "Start" menu and click on "Settings".
  • Click on "Control Panel" and double click on the "System" icon. The System Properties window displays.
  • Click on the Hardware tab and select "Device Manager".

Step 2:

  • From the Device Manager window, scroll down and click on "Network Adapters".
  • If the adapters listed include Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 3945ABG or Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 4965ABGN you will need to update your drivers for best performance. Please see Techbase article 10607 for help updating your drivers.

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